Two Different Worlds
©1989 Steve Schuch / Night Heron Music (ASCAP)

Written with Marilyn Wyzga and the theater kids at the Children’s Performing Arts Center, Keene, NH, in the summer of 1989.

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Two different worlds oceans apart
One is light, the other is dark
Two different worlds on the same planet
Working together, working apart

Two different notes on the same tune
Under the stars, and under the moon
Once we were one, but now we are two
Surrounded by oceans and skies of blue...

Climbing old walls, tearing them down
Watching them crumble down to the ground
Reaching across, holding your hand
Finally we are together again

Too many lines drawn in the sand
Dividing ourselves, dividing the land
Earth and the sky, the wind and the rain
Belong to us all just the same...

Climbing old walls, tearing them down
Watching them crumble down to the ground
Reaching across, holding your hand
Finally we are together again

So two different worlds oceans apart
Now is the time to make a new start
China, Russia, Zimbabwe or Rome *
Wherever you’re from the earth is your home

China, Russia, Zimbabwe or Rome *
No matter where we’re from the earth is our home

Alternate Endings: “Beijing, Moscow, New York or Rome...”
You might also use other places you are studying (Cairo, Bangkok, Sydney or Nome, etc.)

Suggested Activity

Friends Beyond Words
Usually it’s easy being friends with someone who is a lot like us. They like the same foods, enjoy the same games, laugh at the same kind of jokes. But have you ever had a friend who is really different than you? Maybe a person who speaks another language. Or an animal friend who you’ve learned to understand... and who understands you.

What are some ways you are able to understand each other without words? How do you decide if someone is friendly? What do you do to let a person or animal know they can trust you?

On a map, find the different countries and cities mentioned at the end of this song. If you can find some one in your community who comes from one of those places, see if they might visit your classroom. Or ask if you could interview them. You might ask them what it is like going to school in their country. What are some of their favorite foods and holidays? What are some of the games they like to play? If there were three things they wish all Americans knew about their country, what would they be?

See additional activities for “Zeno-ba-ba-da.


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