The Little Prince
©1997 Steve Schuch / Night Heron Music (ASCAP)

At the outset of World War II, a French pilot crashed in the African desert. There he met a desert fox and nearly died of thirst. Later he wrote a timeless fable called The Little Prince. This song is dedicated to that pilot and author, Antoine de Saint Exupery, to the wonder of night time stars, and to love that goes on forever.

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Out of the western sky he fell
Out of the great unknown
Into the desert lands where we
Were both so far from home

I am the one who tells this tale
In hopes you will understand
How this little prince has touched the heart
Of a lost and lonely man

The color of wheat was in his hair
Wonder was in his eyes
The love of a rose was in his heart
His laughter could fill the sky

The time that we had was all too short
Something so rare yet strange
Since the day he found me here
I’ve never been the same

He told me of planets he had seen
Worlds filled with busy men
Where only what’s measured, bought, or sold
Could ever interest them

But what is the worth of sunset gold
The silver of night time stars
A friend unique in all the world
Who wants to be where you are... where you are...

Here’s a secret he told to me
As the Fox once told it to him
The Essential is never seen with the eyes
But the heart still knows within

So out of the western sky he fell
Into the desert lands
Where I am the one who tells this tale
In hopes you will understand

Why every night I search the sky
Looking for one special star
In all of the worlds above the earth
The one place where you are...
In all of the worlds above the earth
The one place... where you are

Suggested Activity

Listen to a story
Antoine de Saint Exupery’s little book by this title is an enchanting fable for both children and grownups. And his illustrations match the tale perfectly. Both playful and wise, the story celebrates the meaning of friendship on many levels.

This song is a perfect companion to reading The Little Prince out loud. Play the song to help set the mood before starting. Or play it afterward as a way to let the story linger, before moving on to other things. Many of the other songs on Trees of Life are meant for singing along. But sometimes it is enough just to listen.


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