Trees of Life: Song Lyrics and Activites
©1998-2011 Steve Schuch / Night Heron Music

parent's choice gold!Roots go down, leaves come up
With a bit of care and a measure of luck
The Trees of Life will yet grow tall
The seed’s inside of us all
                 –Steve Schuch

Song tracks: Trees of Life | Turn the World Around | The Forest is a Wonderful Place | If I Had Wings | Sap Time | Barges | Silent Huntress | Ibis the Whale | Two Different Worlds | The Animal Song | The Garden Round | Where Will We Go | The Little Prince | Zeno-ba-ba-da | Giving Tree | Activity Guide Home




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Songs have a way of reaching inside us. Like a close friend, they touch the deepest parts of our hearts and memories. The songs and activities here are all favorites from 20 years of writing and performing.

Educators and home schoolers will find connections to everything from geography to art, math, earth science and language arts. But beyond curriculum enrichment, the arts are an essential part of our humanity. Music and stories are doorways to the imagination. They foster creativity, passion, curiosity and empathy... and more. (See Reflections on the Arts and the Nature of Education.)

Each song link includes full lyrics and credits. Some of the “Suggested Activities” are specific to one song or subject. But most can be adapted broadly, even though they may be described for just one song. Look for “Key Questions” that can lead to teachable moments. Once you light the fire of children’s natural curiosity, they’re on their way to finding answers.

Our web site offers many other useful resources. A full length Integrated Curriculum Guide is also in the works for publication. If you would like to help field test the different chapters as they become available, please let us know!

Your comments, suggestions or requests are always welcome. If you'd like to schedule a School Assembly, Workshop or Keynote Address, just give a call or send an email.

Keep Singing,

Steve Schuch






Suggestions for Further Reading
Reflections on the Arts & the Nature of Education by Steve Schuch

The Sense of Wonder by Rachel Carson
The Kind of Schools We Need by Elliot Eisner
Frames of Mind by Howard Gardner
Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman
Late Night Thoughts on Listening to Mahler’s Ninth Symphony by Lewis Thomas

Recordings & Books
Trees of Life & other CD’s by Steve Schuch
A Symphony of Whales by Steve Schuch
Seedstars & Tomato Patches by Steve Schuch

About the Author (view full Artist Biography)
STEVE SCHUCH has delighted audiences of all ages across the U.S. and Europe. Classically trained on violin, he also is an award-winning author, singer/songwriter and storyteller. Venues range from schools and town halls to symphony orchestras and The Kennedy Center.

Haunting violin and whale calls... music and tales of Ireland... a pizzicato interpretation of a Picasso painting... these are just part of Steve’s wide-ranging repertoire. Honors include composer awards, PBS soundtracks and five fiddling championships. Steve’s recordings with The Night Heron Consort are national best sellers. His musical story, A Symphony of Whales, has received five national book awards, and his children’s recording, Trees of Life, the Parents’ Choice Gold Award.

For four years Steve taught a graduate course on integrating music and storytelling into classroom curriculum. A former Audubon naturalist and Peace Corps volunteer, he lives on a farm with his wife and various creatures. Personal interests include white water canoeing, Mexican food and relating to large reptiles.

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