The Animal Song
©1988 Nancy Tucker / Franeva Music (BMI). Used by permission.

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You are an animal, you’re always horsing around
I’ve often seen you eating chocolate mousse
You’re as stubborn as a mule sometimes but darling that’s OK
I’ve really gone ape over you

You are an animal, you really got my goat
The things you say make me hide away like a kid
Sheepishly I chicken out, but it’s true without a doubt
I’ve gone hog wild over you

Sometimes I think you’re shellfish
You’re acting kind of fishy
Especially when you take money out of the kitty
And you say “Deer, can you give me a little doe?”
And when I say “No!” you say “Then how about a buck?”

But you’re... an animal, you’re always badgering me
You’re so full of bull I just can’t bear it
And when you call me “Tiger” I always know you’re lion
My little lamb, I’m crazy over ewe

Last time you said “Go fish,”
I thought you were a card shark
I suspected fowl play
But then I said “Oh hogwash... you’re such a doggone boar
How could I ever think you were a cheetah?”

You are an animal, you yak-yak-yak
An animal, sometimes you flounder around
An animal, don’t try to weasel out
My little bird brain, your goose is cooked
I’m happy as a clam... over you!

Suggested Activity

A Lesson in Playfulness
This delightfully playful song offers a gold mine of language possibilities. I often start by having children (or adults) try to find all the “hidden” animals by raising their hands each time they hear one mentioned, and putting them down when the animal goes away. Another version involves raising one hand for any animals on land, and two hands for those by sea.

Then we go back and look at how the “sound alike” words are spelled and see which ones we missed by ear. A song like this also encourages children (and grownups) to be more playful with their own poems and creative writing.

If you are interested in Steve Schuch’s workshop on rounds, contact him about Roots of Rhythm & Harmony and other Workshops.


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