The Forest is a Wonderful Place
New lyrics and arr. ©1986 Steve Schuch / Night Heron Music (ASCAP).

This may be my most traveled song to date. I’ve heard it sung across the country from schools and nature centers to summer camps. One popular variation is substituting “turtles and snakes” for “frogs and snakes.” I’ve also heard “the forest” line changed to the name of the place where it is being sung. Have at it!

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(to the tune of “Heaven is a Wonderful Place”)

The forest is a wonderful place
Filled with frogs and snakes
I want to see a salamander’s face
The forest is a wonderful place (I want to go there...)

Repeat, add more parts, etc.

Last time, end with

The forest is a wonderful place... Ah!
The forest is a wonderful place... Ahhh!
The forest is a wonderful place... Ahhhhhhh!

Listen to the sound file

Suggested Activity

Salamander Faces!
Try adding finger snaps, hand motions, and your best salamander faces to the song. For those already comfortable singing rounds, this song is a good introduction to real harmony singing. I like thinking of the low-to the ground part (alto and bass) as belonging to the salamanders and bears; the high part (soprano and tenor) belongs to the higher up tree frogs, squirrels and chipmunks. Once people can handle each part individually, try combining them and trading back and forth. Younger children love crawling or hiding like a shy amphibian or reptile in time with the music as well.


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